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"Food We Want": the manifesto

Small-scale farmers, short chains, sustainability: manifesto of an agriculture which is cultivating rights. Food We Want is an international campaign promoting sustainable agriculture and consumption in the North and South of the world.

Dziś rolnictwa

Problemy rolnictwa światowej dzisiaj. Vicious circle między monocultures, wielonarodowych, finanse.

Zrównoważonego Rolnictwa

Możliwości zrównoważonego rolnictwa: bioróżnorodności, żywności suwerenność, bezpieczeństwo. I kluczową rolę rolników prowadzących małe gospodarstwa.

La terra è un bene di lusso

Chi vuole avviare un’azienda agricola si scontra con la realtà: il prezzo dei campi è altissimo. E anche l’affitto sta diventando un’opzione impraticabile

La diversità è ricchezza

Let's Liberate Diversity è il network europeo contro le colture uniformi, i brevetti sulle sementi, le produzioni intensive e gli organismi geneticamente modificati. Le organizzazioni che ne fanno parte si sono riunite in Scozia, dal 9 all'11 marzo. Present...

Banche che speculano sul cibo

Una ricerca promossa da Friends of the Earth e da altre Ong europee svela il ruolo delle istituzioni finanziare nel controverso business delle commodities alimentari e dell’accaparramento delle terre. Tra i 29 istituti di credito passati ai "raggi x&qu...;

Fruits’ ethics

Europe could do a lot to support pineapple and bananas producers in the South of the world. It could for instance support policies that encourage fair and sustainable fruit production. This is the objective of the Make Fruit Fair campaign.

System of rice intensification -SRI-

This is mainly related to the complex technical issues required, poor extension service, lack of capital or more simply poverty (Mati B.M. et al., 2011). As a consequence of population growth and urbanization during the second half of the twentieth century...

Integrated Pest Management to reduce pesticides - "Push-Pull" technology –

Losses attributed to parasitic weeds in particular Striga hermonthica, Benth (African witchweed) on the other hand range between 30 and 100% in most areas and are often exacerbated by the low soil fertility prevalent in the region. The soils are highly degr...

Zero Grazing

Zero Grazing is especially useful in areas where land is scarce. It involves confining the dairy cattle in a cowshed and the development of a ‘cut and carry’ fodder system. Zero grazing is a system that consists of several components: housing, dairy cattle...

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