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2 Dec 2012


We live in a world of seven billion, one billion starving, 1.7 billion suffering from malnutrition caused illness and...
22 Nov 2012

The Move to Strengthen London Food Network

The autumn gathering of the Tower Hamlets Food Growing Network held on 25th October 2012. The event which held a...
16 Nov 2012

Seeds of Freedom

A land mark film by The Gaia Foundation and African Biodiversity Network, in collaboration with MELCA Ethiopia, Navda...
15 Nov 2012

Will we all be vegetarians in 2050?

According to a report from the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), the world population will have to chan...

Watch the Food We Want parade! The three slogans of this spot are the winners of the Food We Want slogan competition, they have been created by Food We Want supporters to help us in engaging people to begome critical consumers. Thank you Sue, Toni and Sonia!


The problems of world agriculture today. A vicious circle between monocultures, multinationals, finance. Find out with our animated infographic!


Opportunities for sustainable agriculture: biodiversity, food sovereignty, security. And the crucial role of small farmers. Find out with our animated infographic!


Our Best Practises

Best practices for a sustainable agriculture promoted by the Food We Want campaign. All texts are in English.


What food do you want? Check with our quiz how much you know about world's agriculture.


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