The competition has received considerable attention from the public and we are collecting the first posts. We already received several questions, so we decided to use this space to answer to the most frequent ones.

  • What is the process for post submission?

You need to follow the following steps:

  1. Write a post that meets the criteria of the contest (theme, size, etc...);
  2. Register on the site;
  3. Activate your account (using the confirmation email);
  4. Enter the site and "Log in" (right side of screen);
  5. Choose MEDIA (top right), click MEDIA CONTEST;
  6. Choose one of OPTIONS ("Global Food Crisis" or "Women and Agriculture");
  7. Copy the "post" and paste it in the text box that appears on the screen (preferably in plain text without formatting), put your email and click SEND FORM.
  • I'm 17 years old (or have 30 years) and I would like to enter the competition. May I?

Unfortunately you cannot enter the competition. Article 2 of the ToRs states that contestants must be between 18 and 26 years old. However, anyone outside this age group can contact the organization of the contest, submit a post, and if the organization finds it interesting, it will be published on the website (though the author will not be eligible to receive an award).

  •  I just submitted my post but it does not appear on the site, what's the problem?

Probably there is no problem. After submission, a Food We Want project staff member will receive, analyze and approve your text, before your post appears online. Anyway all authors will receive an email from the organization accepting or declining (and justifying why) their work.

  • I wrote this beautiful 1.000 characters text (or this brilliant 50.000 words thesis), can I submit it?

No. Article 3 of the ToRs says that to be accepted in the competition the posts must be between 2800 and 3200 characters long, including spaces. Regardless of the quality of the submitted article, if you have less than 2800 or more than 3200 characters, the work will not be accepted in the competition (and cannot win the prize).

  •  I live in Brazil (or Angola and Cape Verde). May I enter the competition?

No. Article 2 of the ToRs specifies that only residents in Italy, Portugal, Poland and the UK can enter the competition.

  •  I am Spanish and I live in Portugal. Can I submit a post in my native language?

No. Article 2 of the regulation stipulates that only posts in Portuguese, Italian, Polish or English can be accepted.