Are you in England to study? Or do you just live there? Do you want to have fun?  Are you aged between 16 and 25? Then you can’t miss The Power of IF!

This is not a campaign for a new disco or a new pub, it is the call to take part in one of the upcoming most important events against global hunger, which will be held on Saturday 16 February in London and Sunday 17 February in Manchester.

The Power of IF is an event powered by Enough Food for Everyone IF, a campaign organized with the support of major associations and NGOs like ActionAid, Christian Aid, Oxfam, Save the Children, Y-Care and many others, which encourages young people to take action in the fight against world leaders’ inactivity on four big issues that, if properly addressed, could significantly increase the number of people getting the food they need:

  • Aid: assist  families and children in particular, who are the first victims of hunger;
  • Land: stop land grabbing; in most poor countries farmers are forced to depend on big multinational companies, which buy large pieces of land, taking it away from farmers;
  • Tax: mobilize governments to stop big companies from dodging taxes in poor countries;
  • Transparency: governments and big companies should be honest and open about their actions against this scourge.

Besides February events, the campaign includes lobbying actions. An example? Writing to George Osborne to make sure he keeps his promise to the world’s poorest people to spend 0.7% of UK national budget on life-saving aid.
Another objective of the campaign is to focus on the hunger crisis during the next G8, which will take place on 17/18 June 2013 in Northern Ireland and will represent  a huge opportunity to highlight the food paradox that although there is enough food in the world for everyone, not everyone has enough food.
For further information about how to take part in The Power of IF or to book a room in one of the hotels involved in the project, you can visit this site.