There is enough food in the world to everyone, yet in 8 women, men, and children got to bed hungry every night.

From now on to  8th of June, 2013,  Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign urge its member organization to speak with a united voice and broadcast a similar message on their communication channels to bring as many people as possible sign up and get involved to show their support for a world free of hunger.

IF campaign is aiming to make big enough noise to urge G8 leaders take action to end hunger. The Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign welcomes the UK government’s intention to give development a significant place on this year’s G8 agenda and to use the opportunity to host a Hunger Summit, and a Tax, Trade and Transparency Summit, in June 2013 before the G8 Summit itself. 

The Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign is a coalition of over 170 organizations who have come together to give the government one single message:

Did you know that 1 in 8 people don’t have enough food to stay healthy? That every 15 seconds a child dies of hunger? There is enough food for everyone, but not everyone has enough food. This is the silent scandal and injustice of hunger.

In June, world leaders come together to decide the fate of millions at the G8 Summit. IF you speak up at, you can help build a big enough noise to persuade them to stop the silent scandal of hunger. The decisions our leaders make can change the futures for millions of hard-working mums and dads from the world’s poorest countries, who are unable to feed their family. IF you join in, you can be part of the beginning of the end of hunger. 

There is enough food for everyone IF world leaders end the scandal of tax dodging in poor countries, stop land grabs, and use land for food not bio-fuel. This will only happen IF we join in, speak up and turn out.  Make IF happen and be there at the beginning of the end for hunger. 

1. Sign the IF petition at

We will hand the IF petition to David Cameron ahead of the G8 Summit. The more people who speak up for an end to the scandal of hunger, the more likely the G8 leaders will sit up and listen. Go to to sign the petition. 

2. Come to a Big IF rally in London and Belfast

Join thousands of others at a Big IF rally in London (8 June) and Belfast (15 June) and make a big enough noise to get world leaders to sit up and listen. The bigger the noise, the more likely they will begin to end the silent scandal of hunger. Go to for event details.

Enough Food For Everyone IF launched on 23 January, and the plan is to run the campaign until September 2013. Pastoral and Environmental Network in the Horn of Africa joined the IF campaign this spring mainly to advocate the EU funded Food We Want project.